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Retail Buddy – EPOS Software provide everything you need to operate an efficient point of Sale service. Equipped with various features and functionality, there's an Epos system available to suit your needs - whatever your sector and size of business - from single corner shop to multiple retailers. Retail Buddy EPOS is the UK’s leading supplier of Epos Systems, Epos Software, EPOS Services, Point Of Sale Software, General Retail Epos, Restaurant Epos, Hospitality Epos, Electronics Retail Epos, Jeweler Retailer Epos , Furniture Retail Epos and Ecommerce solutions.

Restaurant Epos SoftwareOur systems and solutions incorporate best of breed technologies and strategies to ensure that our clients get a return on investment and win within their market place. We supply restaurant Epos, Epos Electronic point of sale Pos Software, Ecommerce pos software integration, restaurant software, and epos modules we can provide computerized till systems for many types of retail business, from low-cost single-till options to sophisticated networked multi-store solutions. All systems are Chip & PIN ready and provide a range of business benefits: Improved stock control EPOS for comprehensive control over inventory More efficient business management, saving time and money Increased revenue through better management of pricing & offers Improved pricing accuracy and better customer service Integrate your Epos with Ecommerce online store with the rest of your business If you’ve been looking for the perfect Epos Software and e-commerce software for your business, then you’ve just discovered one of the UK’s leading Epos suppliers.

Retail Buddy EPOS Software Offers

1. Installation of EPOS Software
Our well trained quality staffs will install the EPOS software remotely and will give you an online demonstration for FREE.

Free 24 hrs Customization
We offer FREE 24 hrs customization on the EPOS Software with each order. We will discuss with you about your specific requirements on the EPOS Software which you want to add to Retail Buddy EPOS Software and do those all FREE (worth 24 hrs of work).

So you get the EPOS software tailored to your need and we get some quality add-ons to our Retail Buddy EPOS Software. The next customer of your industry will get all those add-ons. Our aim is to grow along with our customers.

Check out Retail Buddy's EPOS Software service overview and screenshots.

So what are you waiting for ? Contact us now to request demo or to order Retail Buddy!


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